February 2, 2012
SGK recently clarified: no funding for embryonic stem cell research


Ignoring the anti-choice bent of the news source (embryos are not “unborn children” oh my lord), this is another interesting little factoid. On November 30, 2011, SGK released a statement clarifying that they have never and would never fund embryonic stem cell research (though the article linked above says that SGK was funding organizations that do conduct embryonic stem cell research, it does not say if the money was going to those organizations for that purpose).

Anyway, from this article and this article which reports that an anti-abortion group openly bragged about removing SGK from its boycott list of groups that support PP on December 2, 2011, and, of course, from the political affiliations of certain high-ups, it’s pretty damn clear that this is not just about “strengthening [the] granting process”.

Relatedly, Bloomberg is going to donate $250,00 to PP. What a PR catastrophe they have created.

So when stem cells are shown to cure breast cancer, how are they going to deal with that?

(Source: athenasaurus)

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