March 1, 2012
"As reported by RawStory this week, Pennsylvania’s ultrasound legislation is now among the most radical in the country. Unlike many other states’ bills, Rapp’s would require women (and doctors) to receive personalized copies of their ultrasounds in envelopes before the procedure. Women who get an ultrasound more than 14 days before the procedure are required to be asked to view a state-approved video on fetal gestation. The PA bill also mandates how long before the abortion an ultrasound should be performed. Such a mandate has already been struck down in Louisiana."

Pennsylvania May Pass Most Extreme Ultrasound Bill in Country | PhillyNow | A blog about Philadelphia news, politics and culture by Philadelphia Weekly

Jesus Christ, why don’t they just put a fucking baby shower invite sticker on the envelope and some curled ribbon. /ihateeveryoneandeverything

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Next up: You’re legally forced to name your fetus at the first sign of pregnancy.

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How can these people be so concerned about the unborn yet not give two shits about actual living human beings?

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