February 28, 2012
State Senator Coleman on Alabama’s Mandated Ultrasound Bill: “It’s Rape”


The Alabama legislature is considering a mandated vaginal ultrasound bill in an attempt to restrict safe abortion care, or as State Senator Linda Coleman (D - Jefferson) says “a state-sanctioned rape bill.”

The bill explicitly includes mandated trans-vaginal ultrasound.

In an interview today with RH Reality Check Coleman said, “you can’t tell me forcing a probe into a woman’s vagina against her consent is anything but rape. You can put icing on it, dress it up, but this is the forced penetration of a woman’s vagina without her consent.”

Coleman was outraged over the introduction of the bill. Now that it has passed out of committee it moves to the full floor for debate and vote, “This is the most important thing we are dealing with in Alabama, regulating a woman’s vagina? As a woman I am outraged.”

Coleman was the sole dissenting voice during during the Senate Health Committee’s debate over SB 12.

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So… did Alabama look at what happened in Virginia and say, “Hmmmm, this sounds like a good idea???

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